Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Wishlist =)

I know I know, my birthday isn't for a month and a half, but my wish list this year has some pretty expensive items on it and... you know... givin' y'all some time to save up XD.

Anyway, most of this stuff is computer or car related... the rest are randoms that I came up with while writing this XD.

TOP 5~!

1. Razer Lycosa/ Lycosa mirror, Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard - RM 250+ http://www.moresales.com.my/catalog/entry/zccjjnoq.shtml

2. Plantronics ExplorerR 340 Bluetooth Headset or something similar- RM 80+

3. A good pair of Headphones w/Mic Preferably with 5.1 or 7.1 - RM 200 - 300+
EXAMPLES: http://www.moresales.com.my/catalog/entry/wjwdyizi.shtml

4. A nice sound card for those Headphones to mate with ;) - RM69

5. Razer Abyssus mouse - RM 100+


Any PC game you'd think I'd like XD

DINNER! Take me out =3

MONEH! I am not a picky person, if you really tak tau what to buy me, just give me cash. I know what I want to buy XD

A date. 4 srs u gaiz...

A nice book/comic that you think I would be interested in reading. I need a nice book to read... the last one I got was from Mark Tan like 2 birthdays ago about the Gurkha, that was pretty awesome.

Empty DVDs and CDs, could always use more of those.

Anything else that you think I might need or like to have la... You all know me right? I hope...

Okay, so that's my wish list. As you can see, my top 5 are really expensive. I suggest getting like 4 or 5 people together... maybe even 6 and get me one of the expensive ones. The ones near the top are the ones I want the most, so think about going for those la.

Alternatively, you could all chip in and pass me the money so that I can buy it myself. Like if you can only get, say, RM 200 or so, pass that to me and I will cover the rest to buy the gear. No need to get like 10 people to give RM30 just to buy me the keyboard XD

See how helpful I am? Giving you ideas on what to buy me and what I want, even helping you finance the purchase... wow... Hehehe, but it is for me la, so I put effort.

Don't worry, when your birthdays come I will also do my best to get you what you want. Birthdays come only once a year right? Make the most of them and ask for all the things you want! XD

Thanks for at least considering getting me these things, and I TOTALLY understand if you can't, them be some expensive shit yo.

Again, THANK YOU~!!!! =D =D =D

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