Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas isn't Christmas...

Well, Christmas has come and gone and things were given and received, festivities were had and time was shared. But something about this year's Christmas seems off. Mark was saying the other day that there were three things that made this Christmas not so... Christmassy shall we say.

Firstly, the main reason of Christmas was neglected. Jesus was born on this day, well, not exactly this day, but we use this as a remembrance of His birth. But this year there wasn't much remembering nor was there much Jesus at all... Sure we had service and all, but there were not as many carolers, very little nativity scenes and so on. Christmas this year was all commercialized and not true to it's roots.

Secondly, the malls didn't seem as festive as last year. I mean seriously, a circus theme in Megamall, a zoo theme at the Curve and an Alice in Wonderland theme in One Utama? Come on people, it's Christmas... not make-a-weird-theme-for-your-mall day =.=

Thirdly, people didn't really seem to carry the spirit of Christmas. There wasn't really anyone to get people into the cheer in my group. I tried to do it by wearing a Santa hat all day on Christmas, but that seemed a bit... too little. I liked it when there was someone who kept reminding us of how close Christmas was and how we were all gonna get awesome gifts. That is someone who is in the Christmas spirit.

Wanna know how I spent my Christmas? Well, I spent it making balloons for children in the morning, then playing guitar for caroling. The afternoon was spent in a Cyber Cafe with Daniel and Eunice playing Left 4 Dead... I'm not saying it wasn't awesomely fun and enjoyable, it was the freaking bomb dude. I'm just saying that it wasn't... well, Christmassy...

Christmas is Jesus' birth, no matter how bad your year, your day, your life, we're supposed to be thanking God that he sent His Son to save the world. There's a ltiile plaque in my house that says:
"Love entered the world as a little Baby"

This is so true, God sent His Son as a little Baby on Christmas day, with the intention that He should save mankind from eternal damnation in Hell. If we can't just dedicate one day to remember this greatest act of love, how can we remember for the rest of the year?

Christmas isn't Christmas,
Til it happens in your heart,
Somewhere deep inside you,
Is where Christmas really starts,

So give your heart to Jesus,
You'll discover when you do,
That it's Christmas,
Really Christmas,
For you

Christmas isn't Christmas

First post!~

Ok, I have finally moved over from ratty ol' Xanga and have become a Blogger blogger :P

SO... nothing really to post now, just a first post to not look so empty XD