Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, I'm home.

I have been for about a week now...

Not much has changed...

That is both a good and a bad thing...

I'm trying to be more of a good influence on those I know, more Christlike in my walk and talk... but it is hard when all the problems you see and try to fix keep getting bigger and less easy to solve...

I miss the Doulos... I miss not having to worry about all these problems, I miss the peace that I had on board that God blessed vessel.

I miss my friends... Josh, Karl, Jen, Mike, Gerard, Brittany, I miss you guys a lot...

Well, I'm home, and I have a lot of work to do. Pray for me guys!

Love is undefinable and undeniable,


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.

And even though I am on a ship away from home, I took time today to call my lovely mother and tell her how much I love her. And now here I have a short poem for her.

You brought me into the world,
You taught me how to live,
And now there is so much that,
I would like to give.

Your helping hand was always there,
To show me the right way,
It is because of your love and grace,
I'm who I am today.

I love you oh so much,
You're the only woman in my life,
Well at least that is until,
I meet my lovely wife!

I love you Albertje Stel, AKA Aly Cheah, AKA My Mama!

Love from your eldest son,

Ian Cheah

Monday, May 4, 2009

The end... it is near...


I know... not a very good way to start a post but still. SIGH!

Man oh man, my STEP is almost over! Time just flew by! I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME YET!!! :'(

I mean, not that I don't miss home, I do. But i mean, I feel as if I just started getting used to all this. I feel as if the Doulos life has started to grow on me. I finally got a good rhythm going... AND THEY'RE SENDING ME HOME?!?!

*this is where you insert a picture of me with a very confused angry faise... if you know what a confused angry faise looks like... try and imagine it here coz I don't have a pic :P*

Sigh... gonna miss all my friends... Josh Choi, Mike Young, Karl Hoopman, Hannah Sanders, My whole shift... actually ALL the catering people... they're like, so totally AWESOME!

Yeah... I sound like I'm going home already... but I still have 11 days. But on this ship, that's nothing. I still have my 4 day overnight coming up on the 8th and STEP outing on the same day too but... I feel that the end is very, very much nigh my friends... and it will be a sad end for me...

Love you so much you don't even know...

Ian Cheah

P.S. To all who actually wrote me some e-mails, thank you :) It's soooooooo great to open my inbox and see a farmiliar name there :) thanks you so much! :3