Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work work work

Aight mah homies!

Some people have been talking to me and know about how hard I have been working on the ship, but this is for those of you who haven't been talking to me... You see? Even though you have no time for me back home in comfy Malaysia, I still have time to tell you about my life her on board the crazy busy MV Doulos. sigh, I so nice to you XD

Anyway, for the last week my work schedule has been insane ok. on Tuesday we had another Partnership Dinner, that means work from 3 to 11. Then we had afternoon shift from 12.30 to 8.45. This was a particularly HORRIBLE shift. I was tired, I was irritable and so was everyone else... Bad day. We all seemed to be at each other's throats. Somehow it remined me of a BB camp I once had XD.

Anyway, that was unpleasant. Then next day was morning shift, up at 5.30 done at 2. These are usually the bast shifts coz you get off early and can go out with friends and stuff. But this one was a disappointment. Finished work, and no one was free, so took a nap and woke up at dinner =.=

I tell you I have never appreciated naps as much as I do now man. Like, every chance I get I take a nap... seriously. We work so hard and sometimes it get's really tiring so, sleep is VERY VERY important. Back home I slept like from 2am to 8am or something and I could still be pretty energetic. But HERE! I have not slept later then 1am and that was when I was chatting XP but I had afternoon shift so I could sleep longer.

Working on this ship is a real challenge sometimes. People don't seem to appreciate us galley slaves and dishwallas. We work our butts off so that they have good food to eat and clean plates and cutlery to eat it with. And what do they do? They don't listen to rules, they waste food, the give us cups that are FULL to clean... that's just nasty yo...

Sigh, life in the catering department is not as glamorous as I have made it seem :(

Oh well, the only thing that makes me have a cheerful dispossition about all this is that I am working for God's glory. I serve the people that serve Him. I do all this so that they can do their jobs too. It is such a good feeling when you finish and you think," Man, I fed over 350 people 2 times today... and they all work for the glory of our Lord..." It makes you feel so... blessed to be a part of it.

Even though work is hard here, I love it and I can so see myself doing it for like... 2 years.

Hehehe, I'm planning on coming back onboard as a project worker when the ship comes to Malaysia, anyone else wanna join me? It'll probably be in September.

OK! That's all for now. Til next time.

I loves you guyses!!!

Ian Cheah

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Laptop Sadness :(

Mah laptop is borked...

The screen apparently is not connected or broken all together...

I am going to see if I can get it fixed in the city later today but... I'm not sure I have to money for it :'(

If it is broken I will not be online as much. I will be updating less and I will not be able to upload anything off my phone because the program was on my laptop.

Please pray that it can be fixed :(

Friday, April 17, 2009



I finally got enough time and bandwith to post up my pictures :3

They're on Facebook nao!

Go and see and comment!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey yeah... sorry I haven't posted for so long guys, been pretty busy and stuff here in Kaohsiung.

Anyway here's a quick update from me.

We arrived in Kaohsiung on the 3rd. It was a huge relief coz the waves on the voyage were killer man, at least 7 meter waves, I kid you not. There was even on 15 meter one that seriously rocked the ship. I got video proof that you can all see when i get back home or Facebook decides to freaking work =.=

Speaking of Facebook, I'm trying to upload some of my pictures there for you guys to see, but I have no idea when I can fully accomplish that with the internet in the state it's in and my laptop being as slow as it is. No promises, but I'm aiming for the end of the week :/

Aight, Kaohsiung.

This place is pretty cool, like Malaysia except everyone only speaks Mandrin. As a result, my Mandrin is improving slightly and the stuff I learned back in STD 1 seems to be coming back to me XD.

I've been keeping well, work is as usual. Nothing spectacular happening. Lead my STEP groups bible study today. Everyone said I did a good job. I think I did. I've been trying to read my Bible more often now. Been doing ok with it.

I'm still going for boxing practice with Jarrko. I think my muscles are etting more used to it as they don't ache as much. I can do 50 sit ups before I start to hurt so... yeah I'm improving :D
We still have Ironman competitions in the cabin XD. What an Ironman competition is is that one guy does one push-up then the other, then he does 2 and then the other guy, so when you reach 3 you've actually done 6 and when you reach 5 you've done 15. My record is 12 so... you count la XD

Yeah, that's my update. I will update you on more when it happens.

I love you all very much ^_^

Ian Cheah