Friday, September 4, 2009

Life update

Ok, enough of the post that have nothing to do with me XD

I shall now update you all on my life, however boring you may perceive it to be XD.


I have been bumming for almost a year now and I am sick of it. Yup, sick of having nothing to do waiting for my dad to find something for me to do that I don't enjoy. So as of October I will most probably be going back to College to finish my Bachelors in Business Management. I wanted to go to HELP to do A Bachelors in Science majoring in Electronic Games and Interactive Media, but my stupid HND and ADBS are not recognized here =.= So I am now forced to go to complete my Bachelors in Business, which I find kinda boring... But I don't have a choice. Looking on the bright side, I'll have a degree when I'm 20 so... not too bad :D


Still a SSGT, still got lots of responsibilities. I'm current;y taking PT badgeclass with Eunice and preparing for Awards Night and stuff. I just came back from being a site administrator for ANTS and had a good time watching the future leaders in the Boys' Brigade learn how to be better at leading. It was interesting to see them go through the course and see what they could learn. Also, I learned that officers of the Boys' Brigade know how to have fun XD all except a certain sei fei poh XD

Personal Life:

Still single, still being content, still looking, still praying. I have come to realize through the past year that love, no matter what form of it, is special. Really special. From the love between friends to the love of a husband to his wife, all forms of love are special. I may not have anyone to show Eros (romantic) love to at the moment, but I have so many people that I can show Philia (brotherly) love to. All my friends who have been with me through so much, as I have been there for them. So, as far as my personal life goes, I'm content with the way it is :)

Well, that's the short update on me, will post more on it as time goes by and things, as they tend to so often do, change.