Monday, November 30, 2009

When you really have too much time on your hands...

Situational analysis:

3 Guys

The Gardens Midvalley

Too much time

Not enough money


This is the formula that was presented to Mark Tan, Maka and myself on Saturday. What are the likely outcomes?

Well, logically we could go look at phones, Apple products, grad a coffee at Starbucks and talk, check out the different stores that are available, you know, logical mall things to do. But what did WE do?

We watched Transformers 2 on Blue Ray in the Sony store for like... half an hour. Then we went to Robinsons and tried to find the most expensive items for sale. The winner? A mattress that cost... wait for it... RM 40,000! I mean COME ON! My CAR is only worth 27k and you people are selling a MATTRESS for 40k? Seriously? The runners up were ( Listed in order of most sensible to downright outrageous) : A crystal center piece priced at RM2,200, a electric Espresso maker priced at RM3,600, an electric mixer priced at RM4,000 and, the piece de resistance? A freaking toaster priced at RM1,500. Why do i find this so ridiculous? Well, because the bread you are putting into it cost at most RM0.30 per slice... For RM1,500 this toaster better turn them into gold man...

So yeah, what we do when we have too much time. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun :)

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